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March 2022 - Episode 2

Sidewalk Riding

Many states and cities in the US have laws that make it illegal to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. But, are these laws keeping people safe? Or are they another way that Black Americans and other people of color have had their mobility arrested?

Today, we investigate how law enforcement uses cycling infractions to perpetuate systemic racism in under-resourced and underserved communities. We’ll talk to Patric McCoy, who was stopped by Chicago police.

We also welcome Oboi Reed and Dr. Jesus Barajas to speak about their activism and research.

Next month, we’ll continue this theme on sidewalk riding by exploring the possibilities and pitfalls of micromobility devices like eScooters and eBike docking stations. We’ll also explore the importance of making room for everyone to travel safely, particularly persons with disabilities. 


Man standing with bike on sidewalk - Photo by Ving N on Unsplash
Photo by Ving N on Unsplash